Touchgrind scooter
2021 - ios and Android
  • I was mainly responsible for the UI and UX design process from initial research and sketches to final art assets.

  • Took part in designing the logo, icon and other PR materials for the game.

  • Took part in the initial research and art style development for the in game style.

  • Involved in the overall game design of the project.

Games i worked on as a game artist

Way of the turtle
2019 - ios and Mac (apple arcade)
  • Was part of the initial pitch and art-style exploration.

  • Responsible for creating various environment assets (concepts/design, modeling, texturing).

  • Environment art and set dressing for multiple levels / areas of the game.

Bacon escape 2
2018 - ios
  • Created various environment / background assets for the levels (concept / design, modeling, texturing).

  • Created many customize-assets like vehicles and character outfits (concept/design, modeling, texturing).

touchgrind bmx 2
2018 - ios / android
  • Created various environment / background assets for the environments (concept / design, modeling, texturing).

  • Created multiple bikes and bike-parts for the game (design, modeling, texturing)